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Welcome to Victoria Week – We Are Industry Boat Brokers in Geelong, Victoria

Boats have been a huge part of people’s lives. Our goal is to ensure that people can easily access these boats. Our offerings are comprehensive. This is because we believe that everyone should have access to a boat once they want one. As such, offer you the best possible experience when it comes to boat brokerage in Victoria. We ensure that we can support everyone to meet their boat needs without stress.

What We Sell

New Boats

Are you looking to get yourself a boat? At Victoria Week, we can help you. We offer for sale a wide range of boats. One of our category offerings is the sale of new boats. We bring a wide range of industry-leading options for you. This way, you can choose from only the best.

Used Boats

When you consider the cost of getting a new boat, you might just get discouraged and decide again that a boat isn't for you. Well, you're wrong. A boat is for you, and all you need to do is get a used boat that offers high quality at a cheaper rate. In case you're looking to do that, at Victoria Week, we can help you.


Our license package is Victorian to ensure that you can easily navigate Victoria’s water without fear of breaching any relevant regulation. Our license is available for you to meet industry regulations without worrying about stressing yourself.


If you’re looking to take your boat on a fishing expedition, it’s not just enough to have a boat. You’ll need a wide range of accessories to help you enjoy the best experience. We offer the best fishing gear at Victoria Week.

Other Resources

Built A Boat

You might have some ideas about how you want your boat to look and feel. However, after checking through hundreds of available options, you still don’t have something that meets your taste. So, you’re wondering why not build my boat. At Victoria Week, we can also help you. We have affiliation with a team of professional boat builders capable of delivering based on this need.



Owning a boat is a great idea that everyone should look forward to. Unfortunately, this can become an issue as it holds financial inconvenience in some cases. Well, if the reason why you’re considering halting your boat dream is a financial inconvenience, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. You can now get yourself out of this situation with boat finance.


At Victoria Week, we recognise that you have to protect your boat investment. This is why we are particular about ensuring that you can easily access boat insurance. While we do not offer boat insurance ourselves, we have a wide range of partners, industry-leading insurers that can take care of your insurance needs.