Insuring Your Boat

As you will realise, owning a boat will require a lot of financial commitment from you. You’ll need to pay for the purchase of the boat. Even after that, you’ll need to go on and register the boat for use. You’ll also need to spend on maintaining your boat to keep it in good condition. Well, all this is okay as you consider your boat investment. 

However, what happens when uninvited and unwanted circumstances damage your investment? You lose all the efforts you have put into your boat enterprise. There is no doubt that you don’t want that. Unfortunately, when it comes to the occurrence of these bad events, you can hardly stop them. 

Yet, that does not mean you should leave yourself unprotected. What matters is how you respond and prepare for the occurrence of such events. This is where insurance comes in. It is a package that provides security to your investment in the case of damage to your boat. 

At Victoria Week, we recognise that you have to protect your boat investment. This is why we are particular about ensuring that you can easily access boat insurance. While we do not offer boat insurance ourselves, we have a wide range of partners, industry-leading insurers that can take care of your insurance needs. All you need to do is contact them and have them handle the process for you. 

What Boats Can You Cover

You can cover a wide range of boats under an insurance cover. Our insurance partners offer boat insurance to the following boats.

  • Runabouts
  • Cruisers
  • Powerboats
  • Multihull
  • Sailboats 
  • Dinghies 
  • Canoes and Kayaks 
  • Commercial Boats 
  • Ski Boats 

So, regardless of your type of boat, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Our insurance partners are available to ensure that you remain protected. All you need to do is contact them to get started. 

What Gets Insured

When you go for an insurance cover with our partners, you get the following covered. This is to ensure that you can sail without fear. 

  • The Hull
  • The Trailer 
  • The Boat Tender
  • Your Equipment and Accessories 
  • Motors (this includes the trolling and auxiliary motor)

Masts, Rigging, Spars, and Sails 

The Scope of the Insurance Cover

When you opt for an insurance cover, you receive protection from a wide range of occurrences. These occurrences cut across the following:

  • Accidental damage 
  • Damage from fire, flood, or storm 
  • Damage from collision and crash 
  • Damage from an explosion, tsunami, and earthquake 
  • Attempted theft or theft
  • Emergency expenses
  • Vandalism
  • Storage or salvage cost
  • Cost of clean up 
  • Cost of funeral 
  • Rescue services
  • Towing services (land)
  • Hull inspection
  • Liability cover 

However, beyond this, you can also add other options that you want to cover. They include:

  • Personal content 
  • Sailboat racing
  • Liability cover for floatation devices and water-skiing 
  • Cover for lay up

So, you can click here to get started and discuss with any of our partners.