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Boat Licenses 

While some people might find this surprising, the reality is that a boat license is a very important aspect of owning a boat. Of course, this is unless you’re in New Zealand or the Northern Territory. This is usually issued by the appropriate body after the applicant must have passed an assessment provided for that purpose. So, if you’re in Victoria, you’ll need to carry a license for a wide range of activities that you’re required to hold a license for.

Generally, according to the existing regulations, if you’re above 16 years, you’ll need a marine license if you want to drive a motorised boat. However, if you want to drive a PWC, you’ll need your license to carry a PWC endorsement. 

In turn, there is no doubt that you need a license. However, getting this can appear as a difficulty. Well, if that was the case before, it’s okay. Now that you’re on our site, you’ve got things easy with us. At Victoria Week, we offer license packages for sale at affordable prices. 

Our license package is Victorian to ensure that you can easily navigate Victoria’s water without fear of breaching any relevant regulation. Our license is available for you to meet industry regulations without worrying about stressing yourself.

So, if you’re interested in getting any of our licenses, you’re making a great choice. We offer a wide range of options. Our popular options include:

  • Victoria Inshore Trawl Package 
  • Tas Beach Seine Entitlement 
  • South Australian Sardine Fishery License 
  • Crown Land Lease Westernport Bay
  • Tas RL Units 
  • Shark Permit 
  • Victorian Corner Inlet License 
  • Shark Licenses
  • Shark Hook Boat SFR

You might be wondering why you should go with us. Well, we have got a wide range of reasons for you why this is a good choice. For instance, our licenses are affordable. When you decide to go with us at Victoria Week, one thing you can count on us to deliver is an affordable offering.

You don’t need to be worried about getting ridiculous prices. With us, you get competitive prices that you can’t get elsewhere. Our commitment is to ensure that you enjoy financial convenience when you choose us. We are constantly looking to offer the best services at the most affordable rate. We don’t take the financial convenience of our clients for granted.

Our service delivery is customer-oriented. We hope to satisfy the needs of our clients by placing them first in all our decision-making processes. In turn, we only do things that will make our clients happy and comfortable with our service delivery. So, when you choose us, you can count on enjoying a customer-oriented experience as we deliver your license package to you.